What are the major challenges you faced in performance testing?

It’s hard to generalize the major challenges for all the projects because performance bottlenecks are specific to each project. They depend on factors like different server configurations, test environment, data, and scope of the SUT and so on & so forth. Common issues that I faced over the past few years of my Performance testing experience:

  • Understanding the actual scope of the AUT(many cases . nobody knows what they want)
  • Creating Workload profile matrix
  • Creating effective test strategies and test plans
  • Selection of testing tools (budgeting issues)
  • Test environment – in most cases scaled down. Environment( <35-50% ) is what we end up with but, we are still asked to compare apples to oranges (practically not possible)
  • Test data ,again what we get is far from what we want
  • Dependencies from other departments
  • Deliverables and milestones ( it is ironic that QA team is always expected to perform and perform in time)

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